Week beginning 23 May 2021

St Philips News for the Parish


  Proverbs 31:30

30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the

Lord is to be praised.


Sunday 23 May 

Ezekiel 37.1-14   


Acts 2.1-21


John 15.26-27;16.4b-15




Sunday 30 May

Isaiah 6.1-8    


Romans 8.12-17


John 3.1-17    





Prayers are requested for the following:

Rod’s younger brother Tom.

Rod’s son Steven.

For Ann’s brother Bob (in the USA), who has liver cancer.

Pray for Mignon’s daughter Andrea suffering with breast cancer.

Wendy’s husband Julian

Kathy (Mike’s sister in Leeds) for her ongoing health problem.

Lesley’s mum

Sheila – healing for her legs and knees.

Marion’s grandson James and family.

Give thanks for Jim’s ongoing recovery after the insertion of 3 stents.

Local Clergy

Dave and Amy Barker (Walsgrave Baptist ministers)

Malcolm (Vicar at St Mary’s, Walsgrave) and Frances Tyler (retired).

Brian Nash (Vicar at St Chad’s, Wood End)

George Bennett (Priest at St Patrick’s RC, Potters Green)

For our Bishops

Christopher and John

Please pray for:

Mike, Marjorie, Mignon, Zena, Ruth, Felicity, Addis and the Oromo people, Beryl, Bill and Celia, Ken, Cleo.

All our local businesses, that they may continue to grow and serve the local community/ Give thanks for all who work in them and their families.

Pray for all the front-line workers who are enabling our lives to progress in these difficult times.


The APCM will take place at 12noon on Sunday 30 May after the Morning Worship.

Sunday Evenings 5pm on Zoom

23 May       Ruth 4:1-33         You have a future

This series is being downloaded onto the website

30 May       Psalm 95             A crash course in worship

If you would like to join us, contact Mike for invitation.

Acts 2:22-39 

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

There’s some confusion in the church today concerning the Holy Spirit. A number of Christians think the indwelling of the Spirit occurs sometime after salvation, but Scripture teaches that He comes to permanently live within a new believer the moment he or she places faith in Jesus.

We don’t need to pray specific words for the Spirit to arrive. Nor do we have to attend a special service invoking His presence in order for Him to dwell in us. Any teaching that claims we can lose the Spirit and must regain Him over and over again is false. As soon as we trust in Jesus, His Spirit comes to abide with us forever (John 14:16). This truth is essential to understand, because Scripture clearly says that anyone who doesn’t have the Spirit does not belong to Christ (Romans 8:9).

It would be impossible to live the Christian life without the indwelling Spirit. He’s the one who guides us into God’s will, teaches us the truths of Scripture, transforms us into Christ’s likeness, and empowers us to serve and obey God successfully and joyfully.

When you fully understand this fundamental truth, you realize that instead of trying to “get the Spirit,” you need to live like the Spirit-filled Christian you are.


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