5th December

St Philips News for the Parish

5 December 2020


 In Jesus name I bless you

with an open heart this Christmas time.

to flourish and wonder afresh

at God’s incredible love for you.

I bless you to experience His favour and peace

and to profoundly know that Father God accepts you

and sings a love song over you.

I bless you to live and walk the path of peace

and be a light carrier this Christmas season.

So that as people meet you they may bump into God!

Be blessed in Jesus name. Amen.


BIBLE VERSE FOR THE WEEK          John 1:1-2, 14


1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning.


14 The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.




Answers to last week’s crossword:

ACROSS: 1, Corinthians. 9, Abandon. 10, Eglon. 11, Spa. 13, Deem. 16, Hi-fi. 17, Abijah. 18, Ohad. 20, Myth. 21, Now see. 22, Knit. 23, Tide. 25, Arm. 28, Nahor. 29, All done. 30, Kind-hearted.


DOWN: 2, Of age. 3, ISDN. 4, Tens. 5, Idea. 6, Nullify. 7, Hardworking. 8, Enlightened. 12, Praise. 14, Mad. 15, Vigour. 19, Abishai. 20, Met. 24, Is one. 25, Arid. 26, Male. 27, Slur



Crossword Clues


1  Rely (Psalm 62:7) (6)

4  ‘He stretches out the heavens like a — , and spreads them out like a tent to live in’ (Isaiah 40:22) (6)

7  What the dove carried the olive leaf in, when it returned to Noah’s ark                  (Genesis 8:11) (4)

8  Annoy (1 Samuel 1:6) (8)

9  Judah’s last king, who ended his days as a blind prisoner in Babylon           (Jeremiah 52:11) (8)

13 ‘They all — and were satisfied’ (Luke 9:17) (3)

16 Eliphaz the Temanite was one; so was Bildad the Shuhite and Zophar the Naamathite (Job 2:11; 16:2) (4,9)

17 National Association of Evangelicals (of the USA) (1,1,1)

19 Popular song for New Year’s Eve, Auld — — (4,4)

24 Able dock (anag.) (8)

25 The number of stones David chose for his confrontation with Goliath                   (1 Samuel 17:40) (4)

26 Elgar’s best-known ‘Variations’ (6)

27 Soak (Isaiah 16:9) (6)



1  Money owing (Deuteronomy 15:3) (4)

2  Conciliatory     (Titus 3:2)   (9)

3  ‘Do this, whenever you — it, in remembrance of me’ (1 Corinthians 11:25) (5)

4  A group assisting in the governance of the Roman Catholic Church (5)

5  One of the gifts Joseph’s brothers took with them on their second journey to Egypt (Genesis 43:11) (4)

6 ‘Reach out your hand and — — into my side. Stop doubting and believe’          (John 20:27) (3,2)

10 Be outstandingly good (2 Corinthians 8:7) (5)

11 ‘What — — that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?’ (Psalm 8:4) (2,3)

12 Horse’s feet (Judges 5:22) (5)

13 Notice (Deuteronomy 17:4) (9)

14 Comes between 2 Chronicles and Nehemiah (4)

15 One of Israel’s northern towns conquered by Ben-Hadad (1 Kings 15:20) (4)

18 Narnia’s Lion (5)

20 One of the two rivers in which Naaman would have preferred to wash                 (2 Kings 5:12) (5)

21 Avarice—one of the evils that come from inside people (Mark 7:22) (5)

22 Knight Grand Cross of St Michael and St George (1,1,1,1)

23 Jacob’s first wife (Genesis 29:23) (4)




Prayers are requested for the following:


Rod’s younger brother Tom; Latest: Tom continues to be getting stronger and is being really positive about things, he has had his PET scan this Wednesday (4th Nov) which will tell us if the treatment has been a success, so prayers that it has been would be much appreciated.

Rod’s son Steven. Latest: Steven had the operation in the afternoon (19 October) and it was a success, the doctors now believe he should be able to live a normal life now without any further problems which is great news.

Rod’s friend Elanea Maoudis has been placed into a nursing home temporary until she fully recovers from her broken leg, but unfortunately this hasn’t done her mental health any good and the family say she is finding it very difficult.

For Ann Westerman’s brother Bob, who has liver cancer.

Pray for Val’s auntie Helen.

Pray for Mignons daughter Andrea suffering with breast cancer

Chris Foxton’s (Sunday evening congregation) nephew Russell and his wife Rosio. Rosio is blind therefore they are both in isolation.

Barry’s (Sunday evening congregation) brother-in-law Roger and wife Kathleen.

Carol and Jim’s grandson Reiss – he has been measured for the brace. Please pray for the funding to be made available.


Local Clergy

Dave and Amy Barker (Walsgrave Baptist ministers)

Malcolm (Vicar at St Mary’s, Walsgrave) and Frances Tyler (retired).

Brian Nash (Vicar at St Chad’s, Wood End)

George Bennett (Priest at St Patrick’s RC, Potters Green)


Please pray for:

Mike, Marjorie, Mignon, Zena, Ruth, Felicity, Addis and the Oromo people, Beryl, Bill and Celia, Ken.

All our local businesses, that they may survive through this difficult time. Give thanks for all who work in them and their families.

Pray for all the front-line workers who are enabling our lives to progress in these difficult times.



‘Christmas may look different, but the story is still the same!’

That’s the message for Christmas in 2020. Coronavirus will make our celebrations this year look very different from usual. However, the message of the baby born in Bethlehem is still relevant!

In one nativity play, the highlight was to illuminate Jesus, with a light in the manger, when all the other lights were turned off. At the appropriate time, all the lights went out, including the manger one. The silence was broken when one of the shepherds loudly whispered: ‘Hey, you turned off Jesus.’ Of course, nobody can turn off Jesus this Christmas!

The angels announced, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; He is the Messiah, the Lord.’ (Luke 2: 10,11). The birth of this baby brings great joy and good news for everyone! As the king of the universe, He has come as our Saviour. In an uncertain world, He offers joy and hope, because He holds this pandemic in His hands. This is a real cause for joy!

‘Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favour rests.’ (Luke 2:14). We may feel anything but peace amid the anxieties over our current circumstances. How can a Jewish infant born to a peasant family in first century Palestine bring peace to our lives today? Jesus established peace with God through His death on the cross. Trusting the Prince of Peace for our lives brings God’s peace amid the huge uncertainties we face. As the carol says, ‘Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King.’



Away in a manger the baby lay,                        Wise men travelling from afar

No blankets or pillows – just some hay.            Following a guiding star,

Shepherds watching their flocks by night          Herod filled with rage within

Angels appear midst blinding light.                    Planning to kill this new born king.

What can this mean for us today?

Just a story some would say,

Perhaps we need to think it through,

A Saviour born – for me, for you?

by Megan Carter



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