16th October

St Philips News for the Parish

17 October 2020


Sunday 18 October 2020, we will have said Evening Prayer at 5pm in church (observing COVID 19 restrictions including face coverings). Please keep your distances especially at the end of the service and do not sing. Do not congregate in the doorway, people need to leave safely, THANKS..

BIBLE VERSE FOR THE WEEK            Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Answers to last week’s crossword:

ACROSS: 1. Bartholomew. 9, Evil one. 10, Adore. 11, Ran. 13, Oreb. 16, Zinc. 17, Entail. 18, Hung. 20, Lehi. 21, Joshua. 22, Pity. 23, Wide. 25, Age. 28, Alarm. 29, Partake. 30, Sennacherib.

DOWN: 2, Alive. 3, Took. 4, Over. 5, Onan. 6, Emotive. 7, Jehoshaphat. 8, Melchizedek. 12, A light. 14, Beg. 15, Strong. 19, Not have. 20, Law. 24, Iraqi. 25, Amen. 26, Epic. 27. Free.


Crossword Clues



8  One of the titles given to the Messiah in Isaiah’s prediction  (Isaiah 9:6)     (6,2,5)

9  International Nepal Fellowship (1,1,1)

10 Single(1Corinthians7:27)(9)

11 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s seminal book about Soviet prison camps, The — Archipelago (5)

13 Treachery(2Kings11:14)(7)

16 Of India (anag.)(2,3,2)

19 ‘God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession, like men condemned to die in the — ’ (1 Corinthians 4:9) (5)

22 Follower of a theological system characterized by a strong belief in predestination (9)

24 ‘Put these old rags and worn-out clothes under your arms to— the ropes’ (Jeremiah 38:12) (3)

25 They brought together all the elders of the Israelites in Egypt (Exodus 4:29) (5,3,5)



1  The season when kings ‘go off to war’ (2 Samuel 11:1) (6)

2  Simon Peter’s response to Jesus by the Sea of Galilee: ‘Go away from me, Lord; I am a — man’ (Luke 5:8) (6)

3  Beaten with whips (1 Kings12:11) (8)

4  ‘You shall not — adultery’ (Exodus 20:14) (6)

5  Encourage (Hebrews 10:24) (4)

6  Service of morning prayer in the Church of England (6)

7  ‘Take and eat this in remembrance that Christ died for you, and — — him in your heart by faith with thanksgiving’ (4,2)

12 Run(anag.)(3)

14 Member of 17th-century party that denied the right of autonomy to the Church (8)

15 ‘We will triumph with our tongues; we—our lips’(Psalm12:4) (3)

16 Earnings(1Corinthians16:2)(6)

17 ‘I rejoice greatly in the Lord that——you have renewed your concern for me’ (Philippians 4:10) (2,4)

18 How Paul described Philemon (Philemon 1)(6)

20 Multiple territories under the rule of a single state(Daniel11:4)(6)

21 ‘You have been unfaithful; you have married foreign women,—to Israel’s guilt’ (Ezra 10:10) (6)

23 This month(abbrev.)(4)



Prayers are requested for the following:

Rod’s younger brother Tom; Latest: Tom seems to be making good progress after his treatment, although his doctors have put back his scan due this month until next month to see how well the treatment has worked, they are pleased with how well Tom has responded to possible side effects of the treatment which is good news!

Rod’s son Steven. Latest: Will go into hospital on Monday for his surgery.

Rod’s friend Elanea Maoudis has been placed into a nursing home temporary until she fully recovers from her broken leg, but unfortunately this hasn’t done her mental health any good and the family say she is finding it very difficult.

For 4-year-old Asher, in the USA (Ann Westerman’s family friend) and his mum and dad

For Ann Westerman’s brother Bob, who has liver cancer.

Pray for Val’s auntie Helen who undergoing chemo.

Chris Foxton’s (Sunday evening congregation) nephew Russell and his wife Rosio. Rosio is blind therefore they are both in isolation.

Barry’s (Sunday evening congregation) brother-in-law Roger and wife Kathleen.

Local Clergy

Dave and Amy Barker (Walsgrave Baptist ministers)

Malcolm (Vicar at St Mary’s, Walsgrave) and Frances (Hospital Chaplin) Tyler.

Brian Nash (Vicar at St Chad’s, Wood End)

George Bennett (Priest at St Patrick’s RC, Potters Green)

Please pray for:

Mike, Marjorie, Mignon, Zena, Ruth, Felicity, Addis and the Oromo people, Beryl, Bill and Celia, Ken.

All our local businesses, that they may survive through this difficult time. Give thanks for all who work in them and their families.

Pray for all the front-line workers who are enabling our lives to progress in these difficult times.

Quiet Morning at the Well on line using Zoom

Thursday 5th November 10am – 12.45pm.


Letting God speak to us through the Sky!


10.00 am Welcome, Intro and preparation for silence

10.15 am Talk

10.40 am Individual quiet reflection using an optional Well Handout

11.25 am Talk Two

11.50 am Individual quiet reflection using an optional Well Handout

12.35 pm Conclusion

12.45 pm End

Please book a place by contacting Jim on 01926 888003 or emailing him office@wellhealing.org or book via our website www.wellhealing.org



THE GIVING TREE PROJECT runs each year to provide Christmas presents to those children in Coventry who otherwise wouldn’t receive them. Last year (2019) we were able to give presents to 896 children from 362 families!

The families in need are referred from agencies or self-refer and we register them at locations across the city to receive presents. This year we are having to do things differently and are registering families with as little face to face contact as possible. We are still looking to receive new families though and please do spread the word if you know anyone who will struggle to buy Christmas presents for their children.

Many people help us by donating gifts and money to ensure that each child who is registered receives a gift. This year that is slightly harder so we are asking for gifts to be donated via our Amazon Gift List


and money to be given via our Go fund me page (https://covcitymission.org.uk/)

– this way we can still pass the presents on without the concerns about quarantine and social distancing of those delivering to us. A number of individuals, churches and organisations are involved each year in order to make sure this project happens, we are so grateful to you please continue to give this year in spite of the strange circumstances.

This is an amazing opportunity to share God’s love with the people of Coventry. If you would like more information, please contact Sarah White (sarah@covcitymission.org.uk).


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My intention is that this will be a weekly edition, if you have any thoughts, prayer requests or things you would like to share, please get them to me by Thursday.

Yours in Christ